10 Best Gacha Games

Anime imagery is crucial to many of the most famous gacha series, and Epic Seven has style to spare


Epic Seven

The in-game purchases aren't the most important thing, and gamers can get hours of enjoyment without having to fork out any money


Bleach: Brave Souls

Putting its story at the forefront, Hero Cantare is a less active game, but it is nevertheless addictive


Hero Cantare

Much in the same way that gacha games came about with the rise of mobile gaming, so did the extremely popular tower defense genre



Considering how far mobile games have come in recent years, Genshin Impact represents a high watermark for the possibilities of mobile development


Genshin Impact

The combat system is unique, and it is in character interactions that the bulk of the game's world unfolds before the player


Alchemy Stars

The Final Fantasy franchise is undoubtedly one of the biggest in video game history, and the success hasn't been limited to console games exclusively


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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