10 Best Villain Introductions In James Bond Movies

The very first Bond movie villain, the eponymous SPECTRE member in Dr. No, still holds up as one of the most memorable


Dr. Julius No In Dr. No

Bond fans were polarized by the handling of Blofeld’s Craig-era reinvention in Spectre


Ernst Stavro Blofeld In Spectre

The storyline is a riff on The Bodyguard as 007 is assigned to protect heiress Elektra King after her father is assassinated


Elektra King In The World Is Not Enough

Jaws makes a scene-stealing return under the employment of Hugo Drax in Moonraker


Jaws In Moonraker

The opening scene of No Time to Die is closer to a horror movie than a spy thriller


Lyutsifer Safin In No Time To Die

Timothy Dalton’s second and last Bond film, License to Kill, is controversial for its dark tone and gruesome violence


Franz Sanchez In License To Kill

In the convoluted opening scene of From Russia with Love, the second ever Bond film, Bond is seemingly killed a couple of minutes into the movie


Red Grant In From Russia With Love

Like all the best Bond villains, Raoul Silva introduces himself with a mysterious monologue


Raoul Silva In Skyfall

Alec Trevelyan is initially introduced as Bond’s ally in the opening set-piece of GoldenEye. He’s one number behind Bond with the 00 designation of 006


Alec Trevelyan In GoldenEye

Fans and critics agree that The Man with the Golden Gun is one of the weakest Bond films


Francisco Scaramanga In The Man With The Golden Gun

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